The Promise of Adventure: Decorating with Maps

Whether or not you own a cabin, lodge, or cottage, every cabinologist ought to have a collection of maps of their local or favorite terrains and trails. Finding your way using a map is such a powerful feeling; I love to pour over contour maps and identify landmarks, ridges, rivers, trails and knobs. Maps are such beautiful scientific instruments.

Maps are also wonderfully warm and worldly when displayed on walls. It’s like hanging the promise of adventure. And however humble your budget or your space, the US Department of the Interior can hook you up with amazing topographic 7.5 minute maps for $8 each, searchable by state and location; they have vintage and contemporary maps available. The online store needs a bit of help, but getting your hands on these great maps is worth the inefficiencies. Even better, you can pick up the 20 x 28″ Birch Ribba frame from Ikea for $19, which fits the map almost perfectly (you’ll need to trim 1.5 inches). The maps are all downloadable at printer’s quality, above is just a small part of a map of Valle Crucis, NC, one of my favorite places in my favorite state.

I thought I’d look up some examples of decor using maps, and here are a few of my favorites:

via apartment therapy

via inspire bohemia

via high street market / ampersand vintage modern

see an incredible collection of cartographic rooms at inspire bohemia

Happy trails!