DIY Stump Table via Seakettle

As promised, here is the very cool tree stump table I mentioned I’d be sharing last week in my post on Amanda Happé‘s tree-filled home. I think this would make an amazing bedside table.

This DIY table comes to you via Seakettle and uses the IKEA Marius Stool ($5.99) painted a matte black.  The tree stump was acquired from the parents’ log pile. A five-inch cross-section was cut, sanded, and sealed then screwed onto the legs of the Marius stool resulting in a rustic table that is clean and modern.

Tools / supplies used for this project:

  1. Tree section 12-15 inches diameter
  2. Chain saw
  3. Belt sander
  4. Wood glue to secure loose bark
  5. Tack cloth to wipe off dust (Seakettle used an air compressor)
  6. 3 coats polyacrylic for table surface
  7. Lacquer spray for bark sides
  8. Matte black spray paint
  9. A drill and long wood screws to secure stump to legs

It is obvious that the folks at Seakettle have access to more carpentry tools than the average home, I think that you surely could manage to sand the surface by hand (wear gloves) if you’re willing to put in a little elbow grease. Making a level cut when you hack the log will save a great deal of time sanding later.

View the post with step-by-step instructions here.

2 comments on “DIY Stump Table via Seakettle

  1. Wow, how cool! This looks like a very doable project — and you are so right, it would make the neatest bedside table! Thanks for sharing!

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