In Hibernation

ticketI hope you’ve enjoyed the last post. Honestly, I’ve been in hibernation for a while now due in no small part to very big changes that have been happening in my life! Though I’ve still thinking a lot about cabins a lot (naturally!), but we’ve moved to Mexico City (3 weeks ago) and will be here for two years and a cabin blog just doesn’t make sense here!

During this time, I’ve decided to leave The Cabinologist in hibernation until we return to the states and our hunt for a cabin of our own recommences.


I’ve started a new blog about life in Mexico City:

La Vida Chilanga 

Culture, Art, Style, Fashion, Life in Mexico City

I hope to see you there.

¡keep in touch!

Summer at Lundgren Tree Farm

Folks, its been a while, and the following post will do a bit to explain why, but before that I need to share with you our Fourth of July trip to the Lundgren Tree Farm. An amazing property in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula just across the boarder with Wisconsin. It’s about a 5 1/2 hour drive from Chicago, and worth every second!

We had the pleasure of plenty of great company of many creative and interesting friends (check out their amazing work and interests at the blogs and websites in the credits below) and delicious fresh meals by the very talented Emily Berman get her recipe for homemade pimento cheese and see some more pictures of the farm featured at Good Beer Hunting. Also, did I mention slow pour coffee straight from heaven daily prepared by her husband Craig, who has a working prototype for an even better slow coffee maker in the works.


the main cabin.

seamus lundgren cabinNoble dog.  credit: Good Beer Hunting

lundgren stove

Living room stove. credit: Hillary Schuster

kitchen shelf

Kitchen shelf. credit: Hillary Schuster

remains of a day

Remnants of a full day. credit: Hillary Schuster

seamus organ

Noble dog and organ. credit: Good Beer Hunting


Reading and listening. credit: Hillary Schuster

family style

Porch sitting.

gbh champagne

Champagne. credit: Good Beer Hunting


Logging truck. credit: @linztyler


4th of July food truck.

barn windows

Stained glass windows in the barn. credit: Hillary Schuster

magical picnic

Magical afternoon. credit: @martaspurgeon

Green Bay Picnic

Frisbee in the shallow bay


Picnic on the lake in Green Bay


collection of botany watercolors by the Late Honorable Judge Lundgren. credit: @martaspurgeon

lundgren family

in front of the garage

guest book

drawing entry in the guest book by Craigton Berman.

check out more pictures from our magical stay at the Lundgren Farm on instagram #farm4th.

Before & After: Dry Bar

Here’s another part of our dining room redesign (that I shared a couple months ago). This time, I thought I’d show you how much a pint of paint and some new hardware can do to completely transform a piece of furniture (and even help you designate a new use for it).

The dresser below was a piece of midcentury furniture I bought at a garage sale in college for $40. I haven’t liked it for a long time, but our apartment has so little closet space/built in storage (and I have too much stuff) to have been able to do without it.

So, for a $10 custom pint of paint and $12 for Anthropologie hardware on super-clearance: antler handles $1.98/ea. and knobs $.98/ea. we have a modern rustic dry bar with great storage for linens and bar supplies.






Come on over for a drink!

The Driftless

We spent the last days of 2012 at a cabin in the Driftless, the region of south-western Wisconsin, eastern Minnesota, and north-eastern Iowa that borders the Mississippi River and was circumvented by the  wondrous glaciers that carved the rest of the Great Plains.

We were so glad to find Hills approaching mountains in Wisconsin and happy to try out our new snowshoes! Below are some images from our time at the Red Clover Cabin on a farmstead in Soldier’s Grove, WI owned by Annie Coleman.

Happy New Year!













Happy Week Before Christmas!

Things have been crazy at work the past few weeks, please please pardon me for my silence! I hate being away from the Cabinologist, and have some serious holiday catching-up to do!

Just saw this Wisconsin cabin at, and had to share:

tumblr_mf8jhob7zX1qzwmsso1_1280 tumblr_mf8jhob7zX1qzwmsso2_1280

They’re calling for snow in Chicago tomorrow night, hope you all are someplace cozy!